Hideki „Rocky“ Ogawa,

owner of Ravintola Kamome since 2015, is a Japanese who lives for more than 20 years mostly in Finland.

Based on his way of connecting people and to live out his exciting ideas he took over the „Kahvila Suomi“. With the light and clear interior, good and healthy food and a good team he brought it back closer to the atmosphere and feeling of the really popular movie „Kamome shokudo“, which was filmed in this room in 2006.

Sonja Lindblad

is our young Finnish executive headchef of the kitchen, who was especially experienced in Finnish food before. With her calm, cozy, open minded, interested and very professional attitude she leads our kitchen team lightly untypical but very exemplary. She is happy about working with the Japanese influenced colleagus because for her that means always to learn new interesting things concerning cooking.