Take away menu


Lunch take away 11-15

Unadon (eel bowl) 13,00

Salmon sashimidon (salmon bowl) 12,00

Yasai tempuradon (vegetable tempura bowl) VE 11,00

Yakitoridon (grilled chicken bowl) 11,00

Pork katsudon (deep-fried pork bowl) 11,00

Ramen noodles: shio ramen / shoyu ramen / miso ramen (VE) 13,00

Mini donburi: miso salmon flake / yakitori chicken /  vegetable tempura (VE) 5,00

Miso soup 2,50

Evening take away

Unadon (eel bowl) 18,00

Salmon sashimidon (salmon bowl) 16,00

Yasai tempuradon (vegetable tempura bowl) VE 14,00

Yakitoridon (grilled chicken bowl) 14,00

Pork katsudon (deep-fried chicken bowl) 14,00

Ramen noodles: shio ramen / shoyu ramen / miso ramen (VE) 17,00

Mini donburi: miso salmon flake / yakitori chicken /  vegetable tempura (VE) 5,00

Miso soup 2,50

A la carte


Eel 15,00

Beef tongue 12,00

Chicken (yakitori) 6,00

Vegetables VE 5,00 

Yakitori set 10,00


Tofu (agedashitofu) VE 10,00

Croquette (korokke) 6,00


Lily's gyoza dumplings with pork filling 10,00

Lily's gyoza dumplings with vegetable filling VE 8,00


Vegetable tempura V (VE) 10,00


Salmon - 6 pieces 10,00

 Siika (white fish) - 6 pieces 12,00

Beef tenderloin tataki - 6 pieces 12,00

Sashimi set - 9 pieces 16,00


Nigirizushi set - 5 pieces: Salmon, siika, wagyu, Finnish tenderloin, eel 16,00


Wasabi edamame VE 5,00

 Kimchi de chinese cabbage 4,00

 Home-made tofu (hiyayakko) VE 5,00

Pickles (tsukemono) VE 3,00

 Kamome salad: beef tongue / grilled salmon / tofu VE 10,00

 Season's takikomi-rice VE 3,50




VE= vegan

(VE)=vegan available per request

L=lactose free


Not including croquette and gyoza all of our dishes are made with gluten free ingredients, but as there is a risk of contamination, we cannot guarantee our dishes are suitable for people with coeliac disease or other extreme sensitivities.

Not including our desserts all our desserts are milk free.

Please ask our staff regarding to ingredients and other possible allergens.