Lunch menu


Lunch menu 11-14.30 (Mon) / 11-15 (Tue-Fri)

Unadon (eel bowl) 14,00

Agedashidon (fried tofu bowl) 12,00

Salmon sashimidon (salmon bowl) 13,00

Chirashisushi 13,00

Yasai tempuradon (vegetable tempura bowl) VE 12,00

Yakitoridon (grilled chicken bowl) 12,50

Kara'agedon (deep fried soy sauce marinated chicken bowl) 12,50

Tonkatsudon (deep-fried pork bowl) 12,50

Chickenkatsudon (deep-fried chicken bowl) 12,50

Miso salmon flake bowl 12,00

Tonkatsu curry 13,50

Chickenkatsu curry 13,50

Croquette curry 13,50

Vegetarian curry 12,50

Miso soup 3,50


 Matcha roll cake  V, L 6,50

Matcha terrine V, L 6,50

Matcha Icecream V 5,50





(VE)=vegan available per request

L=lactose free


Please ask about gluten free dishes from our staff.

Please ask our staff regarding to ingredients and other possible allergens.